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favorite color: blue
favorite simple life moment: in season 2 when nicole gets revenge by makeing a special sausage with dog food in it.
Favorite nicole quote: "loves it!"
favorite stores: nu pair, waltz, charlotte russe, macys :) umm i just wear what i like regardless of the store..
clothing style: i wouldnt call it preppy but just like mary janes, sweaters. and sometimes hip-hopish
favorite designers: coach
favorite movies, music, and such:movies// save the last dance, hardballl, i am sam, cinderella(the one with brandy and whitney houston), sister act 2, BAPS .music// lauryn hill
Woudl yew like to be a MOD for Lovelynicole?: no thank you.
if yew do, list experience and y i should let you:
ok, give me some reasons y i should let ya in? you should let me in because i envy nicole so much and everything about her, so why wouldnt i be perfect for this  commnity?!
now give me 2 CLEAR pics of YEW!


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+ u are pretty
- i HATE that charlotte russe offense
+ i like the sausages

im undecided....
+fav movies and such
+ur pretty:)
+awesome reason for letting you in lol
-don't really mind the store but not really a fan of it
+fav quote
I say yes! just wait for the other members.

- Nicole quote is pretty common, didn't seem like you put much thought into it
- hate your movies
+ your polite
+ your cute

Hmm... I don't know,I got a weird vibe off your reason for letting you in...But I will say yes cause I have no legitamite reason for saying no...
+ Coach
+ Lauren Hill (sp?)
+ Charlotte Russe
+ Pictures (You're pretty)
+/- Style
Good Luck!
-Mallory- ♥
well i geuss it's a yes then, please promote with the community banners that have been posted before, save them to your own server and promote!!
Image hosted by

promotion banner:
Image hosted by
promote please.
thank you thank you kindly.
lol np looking forward to getting to know you more, enjoy this community!:D
this entry should be friends-only!
last warning--make it friends only!