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name: Heather
age: 17
favorite color: pink
favorite simple life moment: I love when Paris and Nicole are teaching these 3 younger boys how to kiss and treat a girl. They make them practice kissing on a bear. I couldn't stop laughing.
Favorite nicole quote: "Thanks, sexy" or "Hey gorgeous" She sounds so cute when she says it.
favorite stores: Rave, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, Sephora
clothing style: Girlie with a bit of a comfy edge. I love pink flirty skirts but I also dont mind lounging around in pj's.
favorite designers: Balenciaga & Ralph Lauren
favorite movies, music, and such: I love all kinds of movies, I dont just stick to one genre. Some of my favorites are The Fifth Element, The Breakfast Club, The Girl Next Door...And I like pop, alternative, and techno music.
Woudl yew like to be a MOD for Lovelynicole?: No, I have enough communities to moderate. lol
if yew do, list experience and y i should let you: n/a
ok, give me some reasons y i should let ya in? Because I LOVE Nicole! And I'm a really good active member! <3
now give me 2 CLEAR pics of YEW! These aren't very good but...
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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